Vesturgata 6

There are usually three exhibitions running concurrently at Pakkhúsið, a permanent exhibition on the history of Hafnarfjörður, an exhibition of toys, and a short-term exhibition on a chosen theme. The exhibition “Thus it was . . . “ tells the history of Hafnarfjörður and the surrounding region from the settlement to this day, with the aid of historical texts, photographs, illustrations, films, and numerous artefacts that give life to the history. In this exhibition you can learn about the German and English periods in the town’s history, and the history of its trade, fishing industry, sports and film theatres, the British occupation during WWII, and much more.

On the top floor of Pakkhúsið you will find the museum’s toy exhibition. This exhibition, designed by the award winning museum and exhibition designers Janvs Ltd., is specifically directed at children. A large collection of toys is preserved at Hafnarfjörður Museum, and a part thereof is on display at the toy exhibition. The objects are rotated regularly, so there is always something new to see at the toy exhibition.

In the Pakkhús entrance hall, travelling exhibitions or exhibitions centred on particular themes are put on each spring, and these last through the summer. They are meant to cast a light on specific periods or events in the history of the town of Hafnarfjörður and its vicinity, but can also be travelling exhibitions from abroad.